Missing path or wake up call to the world

Word is the origin to the evolution of the world. Dual-ism is the key Origin to the entire creation, to unlock the great mysteries, which nobody recognized in the word formation as well as world formation. Word formation process is the source to transformation of the eternal world into the fruitful society. Mental health is fundamental to the social health.

Dualism is the basis of creation of word in the power potential of the World is Word. “Structuralism” is missing in its fundamental path (part). Importance of “word” was forgotten from times of immemorial. Owing to this, the entire society has been destroyed and still continuing spoilage of environment in so many ways…over the past centuries.

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Meaning of a Word is Meaning

Human mind, language and society.Man can get the knowledge wisdom through the language only. Language is nerve of human society. The source of language is the “word”. Every one thinks and assumes that every utterance of the sound from our mouth is called a “word”. In whole creation, word gives the information which is a fact. Every one should know the complete meaning of word by this way…..

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The way of word formation

Whatever we think with the mind for a creation of a thing recognize, motion or motionless, whatever may be the sounds of language or body language becomes a word. Any thing… The whole human society development, destruction for all source is this explanation.In our advanced society there is no correct derivation and definition to the “Word”, in our dictionaries and technology. This is truth & reality. This is the new discovery coming out first time in the world.

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